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You feel a burning desire to write. A non-fiction book, essays, a blog….you may not even be sure what form it will take, but you must get your ideas onto the page.Cynthia Morris writer's creativity coach author speaker trainer

But for some reason, instead of being the writer you know you are, all you can claim to be is stuck. Is this you:

  • Your ideas are always with you, but everything else in your life comes first.
  • You take a class to get going, but after the class ends, your writing peters out too.
  • You want to make writing a priority but fears and insecurities hold you back.
  • You're so frustrated and your inner critic has taken over, overriding your joy in creating and eroding your belief in yourself.

This has been okay because the rest of your life is busy and you're generally happy. But now, the tension between you and your creativity has become unbearable.

It's time to become the writer you know you are.

Get the right kind of help for your writing life

For fourteen years, I've coached my clients past the common obstacles in the creative life. They bravely show up and do the work to honor their writing impulse. And it pays off, big time. Here are some of the things my clients experience as a result of our work together:

  • a sense of joy and lightness replaces dread and fear about writing
  • clarity that removes confusion 
  • focus on projects that matter
  • relief from being understood and respected as a creative person
  • confidence moves in, pushing insecurity out the door along with the inner critic.

WorkinginCafeThese are the feelings that we deserve to experience! My life's work is to help creative people feel good about their talents. My clients come from all over the world. And I'm proud to share that when writing coaches need help with their own projects, they come to me.

During our work together, my coaching clients see results they love. They:

  • get on a regular writing schedule that works for them
  • gather their prolific ideas into order and work steadily through them
  • align with a publishing schedule that allows them to get their blog or newsletter out consistently.
  • publish their work and receive the reward of reader feedback that spurs them on.

If you're ready to enjoy these kind of results, let's work together.

I accept a small number of clients every year, and sometimes have a waiting list. If you're ready to show up for your writing in a new, joyful way, let's get started. 

How we'll work together

As a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach in good standing, I use a method of inquiry to help my clients clarify their motivation for writing. With this understanding of why you must write, we seek clarity on what you must write. Often clients have several projects or types of writing. Together, we sort out which projects to focus on first. 

From there, we design a writing practice that works in your schedule, aligned with your working style and goals. Our regular meetings help you stay on track, guide you over inner and outer obstacles, and give you the support you're missing for your writing life. 

You will love having the support you've yearned for to get your words out on the page. 

My most successful clients work with me for six to twelve months. We meet twice per month via phone or Skype.

Between calls, you'll send me a weekly progress report to stay on track and have the kind of accountability a veteran writer's coach offers.

Unique bonuses that make a difference

  • I record our calls for you to listen to later. My clients love being able to double their coaching time by listening to the calls. 
  • I send you notes I take from our sessions – complete with color and illustrations! This frees my clients during the class to listen, knowing that I am capturing the good stuff on paper. 
Session notes increase coaching power

Session notes increase coaching power

I offer what few other coaches do – ways to capture the juice of our sessions that exponentially increase the value. Many of my clients listen to our call recordings later and:

  • catch things they missed during the calls.
  • hear their own patterns
  • identify things they’d like to change
  • learn to ask their own powerful questions between calls. 

My session notes give my clients extra insight and joy. They can focus on the learning in the call instead of taking notes on everything. The illustrated notes I take during our sessions helps the coaching insights really stick.

Most of my clients keep my notes in their coaching notebooks. Some print up the notes and hang them in their office or creative space as reminders of their focus. This also helps them feel their champion in the room cheering them on daily.

My fees:

Six months: $3,000, payable at the beginning or six payments of $525 each.

Twelve months: $5,600 or twelve payments of $500 each.

This is a serious investment for writers who have tried everything else and still aren't satisfied. We know the costs of not writing:

  • irritability that infects your relationships
  • jealously of other writers
  • seeing your ideas written under someone else's name
  • internal sense of something 'off' or missing.

How long do you want to keep putting this vital part of yourself in the closet? I say it's time to create your writer's life, and I can help. 

You've seen people who don't show up for their passions: they are bitter, angry and resent anyone who does bravely show up to be the writer they know they are. Don't be that person. Don't die with your stories inside you. 

Let's get you on my coaching calendar now. 

I'm interested in coaching.

What my coaching is not:

  • critique of your writing
  • teaching the craft of writing
  • writing or editing for you

We may address these issues, but if you're looking for an editor, there are plenty of them out there. This kind of support is unique in the field of writing. Classes, workshops, books and retreats offer a totally different kind of support. My coaching gives you an ally, an advocate and unconditional support and encouragement to get on track, stay on track and feel satisfied with your efforts and your progress.

Check out this coaching client case study of what happened with a client that worked with me to take her dream project off the back burner.

Your book coach

Coach Cynthia_What qualifies me to help you write your book? I come at this from two powerful angles - as a certified coach with over fourteen years' experience coaching writers and as a published author who has repeatedly finished and published books and e-books.

I've spent hundreds of hours in conversation with my clients and I know the patterns and problems that every single writer faces. I help diffuse the bombs waiting in the writing process. Better, I know that your book has to come out in your way and your style. My coaching skills allow me to help you customize a writing practice that allows you to get your book done in your way.

I stay on top of publishing industry trends - not easy in today's shifting publishing world. I am connected with industry experts and am always able to point my clients to the right resources at the right time.

I've been writing and publishing on this topic since early 2001. My own book - Create Your Writer's Life - has been called 'the best book on writing' by people who've read many of them. I've published five e-books, two blogs and a historical novel. I know the writing process - both fiction and non-fiction - from the inside.

I invest in my own success as a writer, speaker and coach. I pass all my learning on to you when it's relevant to your goals.

The relief my clients feel by having an ally in their book writing process is enormous. They know that no matter what challenges they face, they have me on their team helping them get to the finish line with triumph.

Over time, my encouraging voice replaces that snarky voice that tells you why bother. You'll love this shift!

Together, we'll map out the tactics that will work for you. You'll get - and stay - on track. Not only will you feel the satisfaction that comes at the end of writing a book, you'll enjoy the process - your way, your style - along the way.

Read what some of my clients have experienced as a result of our work together

In the cluttered coaching space, Cynthia Morris has continued success because she makes it her mission to make her clients successful. Where many coaches merely show up, survey a situation, and offer a few platitudes, Cynthia fully engages and fully believes in your project and creative process. 
I dedicated my multi-media manifesto 'The Framework' to Cynthia because there's no way I would have shipped it had I not hired her to kick my ass into getting it done. The benefits I’ve reaped from this project include paid speaking gigs, design and facilitation gigs and countless kudos from readers.
Not only done, but better than I could have imagined. That's Cynthia's gift: looking through your doubts, fears, or utter laziness and nurturing your genius...magnifying your buried greatness so the rest of the world can experience it. 
I now take on massive creative undertakings on the regular, and Cynthia is typically the first call I make. 
Kristoffer Carter ("kc"), This Epic Life

One of my life-long dreams has been to write a book. As a first-time author, I had absolutely no clue about what was in store for me. But Cynthia did. As soon as I got into trouble I reached out for help. I have been a student of self-development for more than 30 years. Cynthia is BY FAR the most gifted coach I have ever worked with.  

Not only does she know her stuff about book writing, she has an uncanny ability to see through surface problems to the underlying knots that cause them. Zing! Zap! Problem solved and your writing is free again. You love writing again. And, you're so happy (and relieved)  you showed up at the page.  If you want to leave a legacy in the form of the written word, remember you don't have to go it alone. I'm so glad my literary midwife is Cynthia Morris.

Jennifer Boykin, Life After Tampons


 I'm interested in coaching.

My creative energy had dipped. I had invested so much into my business and supporting other writers that I had lost enthusiasm for my own writing project. From my work with Cynthia, I began making real creative connections again, rediscovering my love of books, of gardens, of singing, of art. She supported me as I moved from one literary agent to another and helped me to refocus my energies back to my own novel. 

I cannot recommend Cynthia highly enough. I did so appreciate our coaching and my renewed energy for my creative work has continued. Cynthia is inspiring and empathetic and has a wonderful ability to know just how to get you back in your creative flow; to find the joy of it again.

 Jacqui Novelist London


Signing up for Cynthia's writing coaching is by far the best investment I've ever made. She was my shrink when I was panicked, my motivational speaker when I was afraid, and my friend when I was slacking. Never have I felt surer about success than when I was working with her.

I could go on and on, but I'll let the results speak for themselves instead: three years of talking to my friends about writing a book, and I had nothing. Six months of Cynthia coaching, and I finished my book. Sign up for her coaching, you won't regret it.

Rami Nuseir, Gutsy Geek


I thought I was hiring Cynthia to help me organize the structure of my book and be a pace-setter for completing it.  However, Cynthia's coaching turned out to be so much more: she helped me break through the clutter in my writing processes and avoid the pitfalls that took me off the course to finishing my book.  Throughout our coaching work.

Cynthia helped me ensure that I always remained focused on the right writing activities, saving me countless hours and untold frustration on the path to completing my book.  Cynthia was a tremendous resource and ally and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who's struggled to get their ideas on paper.

Scott Pollack


I am so grateful to you for so much. I started writing seriously a few years ago, not considering myself a real writer. Now, I know in the deepest part of myself that I am a writer. This shift is a huge gift, and I feel you have given me that gift.

There are many things to thank you for. Your creativity which is a model for me, your joy and passion for the work we all do, your own writing process where you hold amazing perseverance and commitment, your belief in your own writing, your sense of adventure that you bring to every interpersonal transaction, and your ability to support and motivate the writers who seek your counsel.

Much love,

Fran Jenner

When I found myself in the midst of a major playwriting project I decided to give Cynthia’s coaching a try. Thank God I did! Oh my, until I experienced her coaching, I never would have believed how powerful coaching could be.

Cynthia’s laser-like insight and her wonderful guiding spirit helped me to get really clear about how I needed to proceed with my writing project. She helped me to create and plan out a physical environment that would make me feel inspired to write, as well as develop and commit to my writing practice (and make it fun!).

We created concrete goals for my project, and I’m happy to say I met (or exceeded) them all. When it comes time to start my next major project, I will definitely be coaching with Cynthia again.

Pidge Meade, performance artist

Let's get started. You are going to love this.

Ensure your spot on my coaching calendar.

I'm interested in coaching.

I knew Cynthia was the coach for me because of her emphasis on creating a writing life, which has been my biggest challenge. I needed to figure out how to actually get my writing done without becoming a hermit.Through my work with Cynthia, I gained valuable clarity on the place of writing in my life.

I made significant progress on my novel, creating and reinforcing strategies to keep me working in a happy and healthy way. Her calls never failed to turn my mood from discouragement and confusion to joyful enthusiasm. This woman knows her stuff.

I recommend Cynthia to anyone who wants knowledgeable and inspiring companionship on the rocky road of artistic creation.

Alison Gresik, creativity coach

I'm interested in coaching.

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