Write Your Paris Stories online class with Cynthia Morris

March 12th – April 16th, 2014

What’s Your Paris Story?

You’ve been there and lived some real-life adventures. You’ve always wanted to write those stories down. Time to dish. 

You’ve been to Paris and well, it was a bit of personal hell. You’ve tried to forget them, but they stick around. Time to write them out of your system, and maybe have a laugh along the way.

You’ve never been to Paris but always wanted to go. Wouldn’t it be fun to write your Paris dreams and fantasies into existence? Time to get the manifesting pen out!

You live there and have been wanting the chance to tell it like it is. Give yourself space to write your Paris truth. Time to share your Paris.

Paris sparks our zest for life

Paris street photo Cynthia Morr

Tell the tale of the time you stepped off the beaten path!

Do you sometimes skip away to Paris in your mind? Perhaps between errands, idling at a red light, wrestling with a load of laundry, your mind carries you to that street you loved in Paris.

There, a waft of perfume. Here, a charming shop window, a smile from a stranger…something lifts you up and infuses your day with a sense of je ne sais quoi.

Somehow, for those of us who cherish Paris, just thinking about this creative mecca can add a little sparkle to the day.

When you fall for Paris, you enter into her story

Paris’ story pulses with creativity and sensuality. For centuries this place has attracted artists, writers and dreamers just like you.

In this city hospitable to love and the art of living, you and countless others have the chance to reinvent yourselves, even if just for an hour while you occupy a café table.

In the telling of our Paris stories, we reinvent ourselves again. We get to pen our truth, let ourselves get carried away by our imagination and feel a frisson of joie de vivre pass through us.

There are plenty of books, stories and films about Paris. But writing your own gives you the chance to add your own creativity to the Paris story.

Our Paris stories beg to be told, and you’re the one to tell them. Join us in the Paris Story Salon to have the focus and support to write your Paris stories.

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Peek inside our Paris Writing Salon

Women writing Paris illustration Cynthia Morris

Time taken to write your Paris stories is time well spent.

In this fun online story writing class, you’ll have the chance to complete a story that you can celebrate with your fellow Paris writers. That’s our goal, and to get there you’ll have access to:

  • Weekly lessons on the craft of story writing in pdf
  • Daily free write with Paris prompts
  • Audio or video of each lesson
  • Training from a seasoned writer’s coach
  • Guidance from a Paris aficionado
  • Feedback guidelines teaching a useful critical process
  • Pinterest board for visual inspiration
  • Tons of fun including weekly Paris goodies giveaways

We can’t meet in Paris, but our online Paris writing salon will be like no other online writing class. We’ll connect in our:

  • Welcome party in our virtual salon gathering
  • Private online writing salon where you’ll get weekly lessons and discussion
  • Private online Paris cafe where you can share Paris resources, your photo essays and more (private Facebook group)
  • Graduation party where we’ll read our stories (group telephone call)

 *A computer, internet connectivity and ability to navigate the online world are necessary to take this class. 

There are a lot more goodies waiting for you in our Paris writing salon. Let’s don our French flair and pen our Paris stories together. You’ll learn how to write a compelling story, and also gain insights about yourself and one of your favorite places, Paris.



Our Paris stories await if we can stop to capture them.

We’ll cover the basics of writing a good story, with a bit of French flair. This class is perfect for beginning to advanced writers. Your Paris stories could be in any genre including:

  • fiction
  • personal essay
  • creative non-fiction
  • play
  • foodie odes
  • poetry
  • erotica (oo la la!)
  • stand up comedy

The project for the class is to write one complete story, start to finish. We’ll help you sort out which story to write.

We’ll also practice free writing with my special Paris writing prompts. This will give you a jump on getting many of your Paris stories onto the page.

The class will wrap with a lively salon meeting where we’ll share snippets of our stores. How fun will this be?! Join our writing salon to find out!


How to get your salon on

We are thrilled you want to join us for this fun creative adventure.

Enrollment for Write Your Paris Stories is $147. Cheaper than a trip to Paris and almost as fun!

The first ten registrants receive a piece of Paris art made by me, Cynthia!   SOLD OUT for these art bonuses.

This online writing class runs from March 12th – April 16th. Our live tele-gatherings are:

Opening salon session – Wednesday March 12th at 12:00 PDT, 1:00 MDT, 2:00 CET, 3:00 EDT, 8:00 GMT 9:00 in Paris

Graduation party – Wednesday April 16th at 12:00 PDT, 1:00 MDT, 2:00 CET, 3:00 EDT, 8:00 GMT 9:00 in Paris

You do not have to attend these sessions to get all the learning from the class. These are bonus, fun sessions and will be recorded for students to listen to at their leisure.

Download the syllabus to see what’s inside the class. 


Your Writing Salon Host, Cynthia Morris


I can’t wait to tell my Paris stories and hear yours!

I’ve had a long and rich love affair with Paris. From my first visit at 17 to now, leading creativity workshops there, I’ve had the chance to live many Paris stories. 

Some of them, I confess, are nasty, others are scary, and some represent dreams fulfilled. Paris has let me down, Paris has delighted me, Paris has worn me out, but Paris always takes me back.

One of my big Paris stories is my novel Chasing Sylvia Beach, where I fictionalize the life of Shakespeare and Company bookseller Sylvia Beach. I spent twelve years on that story and I’ve been to Paris many times to research this historical novel. On each trip I’ve lived more stories that now I have time to write.

My Paris creativity workshops give me the honor of seeing the transformation that happens as people live new Paris stories. Watching them capture their Paris stories – doubly fun.

I want to facilitate this creative transformation for more people than I can take to Paris in person, so I designed this class. The purpose is to have fun, be creative and connect with new friends across the globe, united in our Paris passion. 

Won’t you join us in our Paris writing salon? You can be anywhere in the world and bring a little Paris into your life now.