Write Now

It's time to start writing. And enjoy it, too.

I'm Cynthia Morris and I've been coaching writers since 1999. As a coach and a writer, I know what you're going through…but I never assume I know the right way for you.

I work with people in a few ways: one-one coaching, small group coaching, and with my popular online writing class, the Free Write Fling. Which is right for you now? Click the links below to find the right path for you.

One-one coaching for when you want to accelerate your progress.

Year-long coaching to write your book.

Join the Free Write Fling, my popular online writing class that helps you write regularly.

Free inspiration twice a month: Sign up for Impulses, my free newsletter offering insights and treats for subscribers.

This I believe: If you have the impulse to write, you must follow it. Don't wait, don't regret: write now.

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