Video Interview with Danny Gregory on How to Craft an Illustrated Memoir

I had the great, good fortune of being able to interview my art and life hero, Danny Gregory.

Danny's recent book, A Kiss Before You Go, is an illustrated memoir recounting the year after Danny's wife Patty passed away. It's moving and gorgeous and heart breaking and life affirming all at once.

I wanted to know how one goes about writing/painting an illustrated memoir. I was in New York recently, and Danny kindly invited me to his home for this interview.



  1. says

    Thank you Cynthia and Danny,

    I deeply appreciate the way you’ve allowed creativity to move in this process. Inspiring and moving. Yes, one page at a time! Loved that :)

    Thank you both!


  2. Rachel says

    I enjoyed this interview very much. I felt it was an interesting review of the book and great visit with the author, lots of insights into how he created this book. However, I do not feel that it contained much information on *how to craft an illustrated memoir.* My quibble is not with the material, perhaps with the title.

    • says

      Thanks for watching and commenting, Rachel!

      I’m sorry if you felt mislead by the headline. It’s definitely not a step-step; more of a conversation about what Danny feels goes into making a book like this. I wanted a clear light shining the way, too. But I think the way Danny speaks of it honors that such a book is so personal and that each person is going to have her unique way with it.

      That said, I do think there are strong pointers to where to start. I laid many of them out in this illustrated article I posted last week:

      Hope this illuminates more for you!

  3. Sharon says

    I’m a big fan of Danny’s work and glad to have discovered yours through his blogpost. I share your quest to combine images and journaling for self expression and creativity.

    • says

      Hi Sharon!

      It’s a fun puzzle to sort out, isn’t it: visual plus verbal. I’m enjoying the quest! Glad to share the adventure with you!

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