What Kind of Transformation Do You Want?

TulipWowBy Cynthia Morris

Justine Musk, one of my favorite bloggers, wrote an article about how the reader, not the blogger, is the heroine of her blog. She encouraged us to consider what we want our readers to become. I love this way of thinking of the writer/reader relationship.

This sparked me to write an article for Alyson Stanfield's Art Biz Blog. In today's article, I offer ten kinds of transformation I'd like to see for you.

I want these ten things and more for you:

  1. You recognize yourself deeply.
  2. You embrace, celebrate and nurture your quirkiness.
  3. You are inspired to make your life your own creative adventure.
  4. All the inner and outer obstacles to your creative satisfaction dissipate.
  5. The process of dissolving your excuses is one of challenge and delight and victory.
  6. You feel seen, heard and appreciated.
  7. You finish the creative projects that are most meaningful to you.
  8. You find people who recognize you and who want to join in the fun that is your life.
  9. You feel as creative, resourceful and whole as I believe you are.
  10. You have the time and space to bring your most titillating creative ideas into form.

If any of these ring true for you, feel free to turn them into blessings. Copy them into your journal. Hand letter them and place them on your shrine.

Better yet, commit to being and having the full creative expression that is you.

What about you? What do you, my heroine, want for yourself? If you're a blogger, what do you want for your readers?

Share your thoughts below. Feel free to offer thoughts on what you'd like to see me write for you.


  1. Mike Norton says

    Wow!!! What a marvelous creative life I could have with those 10 things! Actually, those are what I’m working on now. Nos. 4, 5, and 7 are my biggest challenges.

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