Let us shine in an undeniable constellation of creative joy

Years ago, in a session with my first coach, we were envisioning my version of success. This included working with great clients, teaching, speaking and being known for my own writing.

I relished the idea of these surface wins, and as a good coach does, she asked me to drill down to a deeper motivation about why I want to help people. I thought about it. I saw me shining brightly and having a great time. But my vision wasn’t just me sparkling high in the sky far away from others.

My version of a happy life includes my success and the success of others. If I were the only one having a good time, that wouldn’t be much of a party, would it? It became clear to me why I invest my time and energy in those around me – I want us all to shine in an undeniable constellation of creative joy.

My mission at Original Impulse is to help creative people get out of their own way so they can do their work and enjoy their talents.

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Hop, Skip, Jump! What’s Your Play Personality?

Hop Skip Jump_cvr.inddI’m inspired by the spunky new guide by creativity maven Marney Makridakis: HOP, SKIP, JUMP: 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life.

Find out if you are a Hopper, Skipper or Jumper: take this fun quiz.

When you’ve taken the quiz, come back here and let us know which one you are. Feel free to share a bit about what you learned from knowing your Play Personality. (I’m mainly a Jumper!)

We’ll choose one commenter to win a copy of Marney’s book HOP, SKIP, JUMP: 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life.

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Make Your Creative Time More Effective

You’re in the middle of writing the most fabulous paragraph when the phone rings. It’s your child’s school and you’ve forgotten to pick her up.

You leap up, caroming from blissful creative mode to full-on panic mode. You rush out the door, the cursor on your screen blinking, your creative bliss lost.

Sound familiar? This wrenching transition style happens all too often. We lose track of time and pay the cost. We become grumpy, resentful and our desire to write dissipates. It’s one of the main reasons we fear entering the creative zone. We’re afraid we won’t be able to make a graceful return to the ordinary world where our real-world obligations await us.

Take the first step!

Transition with awareness

It doesn’t have to be wrenching. Transitions between life and writing can be easy. But it requires some effort and some training on our part to make transitioning between our roles work for us.

How can writers and artists make the transition smooth and easy? I suggest ritualized acts help to honor the creative time. Below are ten transition methods that my clients have used successfully. Experiment to see which rituals work for you.Continue Reading

Get your writing moving, no matter what

People often ask me what they can use free-writing for. In  my experience, it’s great for every kind of personal or professional writing imaginable – for the first draft at least.

This week, I brainstormed 20 ways you can use free-writing now, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer. Best of all, free-writing is a great way to just. get. started.

Check all the ways you see free-writing as useful for you now. This will help you to identify how you can use writing now to enjoy your life and creativity more.

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