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38_20141026_CynthiaM-E_final copyYou love to create – to enjoy pen, paint, yarn, glue…’s total play for you. Making things feels like gaining direct access to your unique vitality. Whether you create for pay or for yourself, you know that engaging your Muse is absolutely necessary.

But if you’re like many of us, you’ve put your creative impulses on a shelf so you can focus on serious work. The problem is, it doesn’t work that way. Our ideas for paintings, books, or performances don’t take to the shelf easily.

I know for a fact that your creative impulses will persist until you pay attention to them. And if you ignore them, they’ll make you feel, well let’s not say miserable, but not really all the way turned on.

Let me assure the part of you that doesn't want to waste time: your side projects and creative ‘hobbies’ absolutely contribute to your overall success and your bottom line well-being.

I’ve found a way to tap into my creative juju so that I never run out of inspiration. I've learned how to consistently bring my most cherished projects into the world. And it's my life's work to show you how to be both inspired and make time to bring your projects to life.

Join your most vital self on an exclusive adventure in Paris

September 17th - 22nd, 2015

One spot left! Is it yours?

DorashowsJournal I've designed a very special experience for creative people in need of a creative boost. In this unique creativity workshop, you'll join other creative adventurers to bring out the joy that's tucked under the surface of every Parisian moment. It's a way to be in the world that invites you to slow down so your artist has a chance to take in what's important to her.

This is the wackiest kind of workshop where we use the charming city of Paris itself as our classroom. I'll teach you my secrets to marry your creative brilliance with the wonder of the world. You'll capture it all in your Moleskine notebook.

When you go home, you'll have a lifetime of inspiration and insights. Better yet, you'll have a way to be in the world that allows you to make the time and space you so desperately crave for your creative projects.

Reserve your spot on Team Wow now. 

How we'll play in Paris

WowCapturingWe start our days by attuning our senses because wow doesn't reveal itself if we're not paying attention with all our senses. This daily practice takes only minutes but sets the tone for the wonder to reveal itself to us.

I've carefully curated a handful of excursions we'll go on together. These are not your ordinary tourist zones. We'll find wonder just steps away from where everyone else is snapping the same photos that people have been taking for decades. You'll discover a Paris that few visitors see - real, gritty, charming, delightful Paris. Because this is a city that births artists and writers and they don't get their inspiration from postcard scenes.

In case this all sounds too cushy, don't worry. I know you like a challenge. You're on a mission to fill your notebook in six days - I know! that's going to be tough. (On your inner critic, that is. He won't stand a chance in the face of your wonder.)

Some of the activities you'll enjoy:

  • meet an artist...and perhaps
  • leave a love letter
  • have a conversation with a stranger
  • eat something truly French

We'll keep the other missions secret until you arrive. You'll have a blast ticking these adventures off the list. Rest assured, chocolate is indeed part of this adventure.

Travel like the person you know you are. Other trips have been family or business trips. This one's for you - for your inner artist who knows what she loves and is ready to have more of it.

You love taking your time looking at things that fascinate you - a detail on a building, a cunning shop window display, the way a couple walks across the street together.

Nothing gets past you when you're in wow capture mode. Thankfully you'll have your notebook always in hand, ready to sketch a line, jot a note, make a doodle that will always bring you back to the special moments you'll experience.

It's time to give yourself permission to enjoy your creative vitality. You'll have plenty of time to craft your own madcap adventures, to discover your wow, your way.

The best way to see Paris...with creative friends

Luxday1You'll have just enough group time, just enough time to encounter Paris's sweet spots for yourself. Just enough teaching, just enough time to visit places you've always wanted to go.

Everyone is welcome on these magical excursions, and I have to confess something. Introverts LOVE these workshops. Most workshops or tours are non-stop go, go, go, people, people, people. I have crafted the perfect blend to give you just the right amount of space and time on your own.

Usually the group bonds quickly and forms a merry band of creative adventurers, so never fear, you don't have to wander alone unless you want to.

I know it's a big deal to get on an airplane and fly all the way to Paris. You'll get jet lag and be grumpy and wonder if it was all worth it.

But guess what? That's just your gremlin, the inner critic that's been stopping you all these years from treating yourself to just this kind of wonder-trip. I'm pretty sure that he'll evaporate once you see our neighborhood in Paris.

Our Paris neighborhood - the 6th arrondissement

53ed6f8247e0d015212584e495e4bf71I've booked rooms for the Wowsters in the Hotel Delambre, in the Montparnasse neighborhood. This is where writers and artists hang out at nearby Cafe Rotonde and Le Dome. You'll love the slower pace to catch your breath and capture your wow. We're surrounded by some of the best shopping in Paris. The Boulevard Raspail hosts an extraordinary organic street market, overflowing with flowers and vegetables and fruits and vendors who offer tastes of everything.

My favorite thing about our neighborhood? It's just off-center, not too noisy, but not far out, either. We're minutes away from one of the best things in Paris: the Luxembourg Garden. It's the perfect place to stroll and to sit and record some wow in your notebook.

Nearby Rue Vavin is a personal favorite street. Sure, the fancy paper shop and the charming sock shop are great, but I love Grom, the best gelateria in Paris.

Then there's….oh gosh, I could go on. But I'll be posting all my Paris favorites in an easy-to-read format for you before our trip, so you can plan your wow heists.

What’s included in our adventureMacarons (1 of 1)

  • Welcome party at a magical place in Paris
  • Six nights' single occupancy lodging at the Hotel Delambre
  • Six breakfasts at the Hotel Delambre
  • Six days of instruction and coaching from Cynthia Morris
  • Moleskine Japanese album
  • Creativity capture tools
  • Paris mini-guide written just for you
  • Several group excursions
  • A carnet (10 tickets) of Metro tickets for our group adventures
  • A grand feast to end our week together
  • Pre-excursion meetings on a private online group site so you can connect before you arrive
  • Other fun surprises in your Wow Kit
  • Giggles and insights guaranteed

I worked hard to pack in a lot of wow for a little price. All of the above is only $2997 US.

Save an additional $100 by signing up with a friend – actually, you’ll both save $100.

How to register

You can download our application, with all the information and policies you need, right here.

Registration and cancellation policies here.

As you may imagine, this isn't a bus tour packed with hundreds of people. My excursions are designed for a small, curated group of like-minded adventurers. If you recognize that you need to get in on this now, simply click here and fill out the application.

All the registration details are included in this document, so read them carefully. To reserve your spot, you'll need to submit the application - filled out entirely - and send it to me with your deposit.

We only have a certain number of spots, so don't wait.

Download the registration form and sign up today.

Once I receive your application and deposit, I'll check in with you to make sure this is a good fit for you. From there, you'll have access to our private Paris Wow Group. I'll send your welcome packet with your mini Paris guide. It's got everything you need to start planning and dreaming up your wow adventure.

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Follow these three easy steps to secure your spot in this wowsome excursion.

1. Download the registration form.
2. Read the cancellation policy.
3. Mail in your deposit with the filled out registration form.

Previous participants loved Paris with me

I've been leading these workshops since 2005. Here's what some of the participants said about their experience in France with me:

“What a gift you gave me at a crucial point in my life. I cannot stop thinking and talking about the whole experience. A superb mélange of indulgence, beauty, and feminine empowerment that will change your life and way of seeing yourself and the world. Cynthia was so smart and helpful with the experiences, the writing, and living the French experience and beauty. The trip has reconnected me with beauty in myself, in others, and in life. It gave me the joy and hope to continue forward. It was amazing.” – Soo Young


"To echo another writer and lover of Paris, it was a moveable feast. All the joys of life were spread out on a platter. Cynthia was the heartbeat of this trip, helping us make moments that will enrich the rest of our lives. I am more appreciative and aware of sensual experiences. I enjoy my femininity more--feel sexier; not surprisingly, my husband likes this effect of my trip too! I've paid more attention to preparing great food and I have a greater appreciation for the company of other women. Thank you over and over again.” – Leslie


“This trip was a total blast. I loved Paris, the wonderful group of creative women, and the guides. We got to see Paris and not feel like a tourist running from place to place. We had time to explore new places and then be there and experience them, not just rush to the next place. There was time to rest, explore, write, and enjoy the company of the wonderful group that came together for this trip. I loved every minute and want to go again. Thank you so much for you creative energy that went into creating this wonderful, transformational and really fun trip. – Cathy


“Cynthia was a great leader & made each & every moment an educational & inspirational adventure! My Muse had plenty of time to be inspired due to Cynthia's carefully thought-out itinerary. She suggested things to do on our free time, gave me ideas and instruction in drawing, and taught me how to ride the metro on my own. It was so thoughtfully planned out; Cynthia really took the time to create a trip that would make the most and best of our time. Thank you Cynthia!” – Mary


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