The Creative Leap Club

Stay on track with your creative project.

January - May, 2013

Taking my Creative Leap from Denver to Europe on May 6, 2008

The Creative Leap Club is your creativity incubator to develop your next bold move in an empowering environment. In the heart of a community of others taking their creative leaps, your vision is likely to be brought to fruition much more quickly and easily than if you try to go it alone.

No matter where you live, you can participate in this virtual club for creative adventurers. Surrounded by peers making their own leaps and facilitated by a certified coach, your leap will be easier, more fun and more successful, on your terms.

In the Creative Leap Club, you will:

  • Share your vision and get feedback that helps you polish your idea
  • Tap into resources from the group that save time and effort
  • Learn from others who are making their unique leaps
  • Be accountable for weekly action items
  • Get professional and seasoned coaching so you can drive past fears that threaten to keep you stuck

You may have tried to take creative leaps without support. At first, fueled by abundant enthusiasm for your great idea, you take a few steps. Then, fears pop up. You find it easier to go along with the status quo of your daily life than to power past the fears. Perhaps you didn’t take the time to map out a doable plan for your creative leap. In the gap between dreaming and doing, fear and disorganization kept your leap on the ground.

What's Your Creative Leap?

  • focusing on an art project from
    start to finish
  • launching a new business
  • putting up a new web site
    or blog
  • writing a book or book proposal.

Meet monthly with your Creative Leap tribe. Get invaluable support from a certified coach who has not only coached others to their great leaps, but who has consistently and successfully taken her own leaps.

“This creativity camp was very important for me this summer. I recognized the need for personal creativity, had fun exploring and gained a sense of personal power. I created a drawing blog and was asked to contribute to a book on creativity. Participating has made changes that will stay.”

Martine Vanremoortle, Belgium

Being in a community ensures that you stay on track and enjoy the ride.

The Creative Leap Club will encourage you to focus on one dream you want to make real now. Learn how to set all your other brilliant ideas on the back burner so you can focus on one without feeling like you’re neglecting the others.

Break your big vision down into doable steps that you can enact over time. Map out the plan for where you want to go so you always know where you are and what’s needed next.

Leaping Forward - Bakansa, the crow yoga
asana, July 2009

With weekly check-ins, monthly calls and ongoing access to our community space, you can stay on track of your leap at your pace and in your style.

Don’t go it alone. Make it easier, quicker and more fun to bring your great ideas to fruition. I’m keeping these groups small, so register now to be part of the Creative Leap Tribe.

I was so impressed with the quality of Cynthia's coaching group. It was professionally done -- there was a clear structure to the calls, you made sure that everyone had ample time to participate, and the buddy system in between the calls was genius. You offered lots of resources and support and enthusiasm. Thanks very much.”

Monica Parker, Atlanta

Bonus! To help stimulate your creative juices, I am throwing in these bonuses:

My journey journal, Paris 2005

  • a copy of my Cross the Finish Line, an e-book to help you finish those projects as easily as you start them
  • a copy of Unleash Your Writing, my e-book with five simple tips to write anything – including your plans for your leap
  • an electronic copy of Cynthia’s Create Your Writer’s Life: A Guide to Writing with Joy and Ease, a complete guide to developing a writing practice

These bonuses alone are worth over $30, making membership in the Creative Leap Club even sweeter!


This cycle of the Creative Leap Club meets January - May, 2013.

Creative Leap Club Schedule
Mondays, 9 am – 11 am MST
(8 PST, 10 CST, 11 EST, 4 GMT)

  • January 7th
  • February 4th
  • March 4th
  • April 1st
  • May 6th

Membership in the Creative Leap Club is affordably priced so money isn’t an obstacle to living your dream now. The membership fee is $750, payable at the beginning of this club cycle. That’s only $150 per month.

Compare that to the $500 per month it would cost to coach one-one with me, and you’ll see that the Creative Leap Club is a great move – if you’re truly ready to make your leap. No couch sitting in this group!

click here to register

Questions? Contact me or call me at 303.442.0664 to determine if the Creative Leap Club is a fit for you now. There’s only room for a handful of leapers in each group, so claim your space now!

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