Free-Write Fling

Do you wish you had a consistent writing habit? Are you tired of blowing off your writing impulse? Help is here. It’s the Free-Write Fling, my popular online writing workshop I’ve been teaching since 2007.

Free-Write Fling: May 1st – 31st, 2015

$85 for new Flingers, $50 for repeaters

I know you want to write consistently. You crave the zest you get from that expressing yourself.

But you don’t write. You consistently blow off your big dream – to be a writer – for the sake of easy stuff. Laundry. Social media. The usual. The impact of that is deadening. You lose trust in yourself. Your inner critic gets food for abuse – and you don’t deserve that.

It’s time to take your dream and make it real. Make writing a fun, daily habit. I will show you how.


Flingers write from all across the globe – a sample of our Fling Zones.

Free-writing is a simple method to unleash your words onto the page. Join hundreds of people who are using daily prompts to get their writing habit going. In month-long Free-Write Fling, we dedicate 15 minutes per day to the Muse. A quickie. A hot date with your Muse, every day, for 31 days.

With the other writers, you will write daily and begin to worship your writing time. You’ll connect with your voice, have fun and make progress on a project if that is your focus. After the month is finished, you’ll be hooked and won’t ever stand up your Muse again. The cost is only $85 ($50 for repeat Flingers) and it’s one of the best investments you can make in your writing life.

Here’s what you get as a member of the Free-Write Fling (we’re called Flingers):

  • Coaching from Cynthia – a certified coach and published author – in the Fling Zone.
  • Accountability to do what you want – write every day.
  • Daily prompts to keep you juiced up, inspired, and on track.
  • Weekly cheerleading from Cynthia.
  • Private online Fling Zone with writing prompts, visual prompts and writual blessings.
  • Instructions on how to develop your prompt list, pointers on when to squeeze in your daily 15 minutes, and a reminder of the ways of the free write.
  • Interaction as desired with fellow flingers – your new writing buddies are in the Fling Zone!
  • So much more…this is a transformative class that goes beyond writing.


“Yesterday I wrote for 40 minutes. Taking this course allowed me to really prioritize writing. It’s not a possibility that gets pushed to the wayside. It’s a must-do every day. I see what it feels like when I do this every day and it renews my ‘addiction’ to it. And the more I do it, the more I turn to it. Doing this for a small or larger period of time every day is a very wise use of my time.”Aimee Cartier

“The Free-write Fling has been amazing. I write every day. I have finally gotten my thoughts down on paper where I can see them and edit ideas as I think about them. I’m not “losing” things because they are right here in my journal. My thoughts are organized now too. Thank you!!!!!” — Barbara Talbott

Pens for writing workshop with Cynthia Morris

start writing now!

The best thing about this is the cost: for this kind of accountability, support and results, you’d expect to pay hundreds of dollars, right? The coaching alone costs $250. But no. All of this – a month of writing in community, guided by a veteran writer’s coach – only $85. And once you’ve done the FWF, every class after that is offered at the repeater rate.

We fling our words onto the page with joy and abandon from May 1st – 31st, 2015.

“My commitment to writing daily has shifted the way my brain thinks about writing. I was stuck looking for ideas about what to write on my blog, or what to write to polish and submit to ezines. Now, the ideas are starting to just pop in without having to go pounding on the door to get at them. That is a HUGE shift for me. Thanks for the daily inspiration!” — Carmen Taggart
The Free-write Fling is not:
  • instruction in the craft of writing, though I will respond to questions about writing well in the Fling Zone.
  • feedback, critique, or ‘workshopping’ your writing.
  • a death march to the finish line.


If you complete the month-long free-writing fling (every single day, 15 minutes per day!) you will be entered into a drawing for two one-one coaching sessions with Cynthia.

Everyone who completes every day in the month receives a copy of Cynthia’s e-book Cross the Finish Line! Five Steps to Overcome the Hurdles to Completion.

“FWF has taught me that I can write, any time, under any conditions. Any excuse that I may use to the contrary is just that … an excuse, not the truth. Now I write five days a week and only if I really want to on the other days (and I often really want to).” — Karen Bayly

We do not critique or provide feedback on your writing in the Free-write Fling. We leave that for writing workshops that focus on developing your skills in writing. In this workshop, we focus on creating the safe space we all need to dare to write our stories. You’ll love the freedom this gives you.

The Free-write Fling is an amazing opportunity to get the support of a trained professional surrounded by a tribe of enthusiastic writers. You will love it.

Give yourself the gift of a month to explore your writing and discover what’s inside you, waiting to come out.

“Cynthia, thanks for your wonderful, supportive replies to our comments during the FWF. Your reply about respecting our process meant a lot to me. I’m finally accepting and understanding  what works for me!” — Carolyn Barnabo

“I am sad to be nearing the end of the FWF. I’ve learned so much. This experience is launching me more into writing than I had ever expected. I’m in the writing groove, and I don’t want to stop. I’m really looking forward to what comes of this, and more FWF next time!” — Jeanne Christensen

“This may have been the best yet! Your images are so incredible, Cynthia, such a treasure trove. Totally unexpected and new perspective for my writing experience. Much fun, surprising flow of ideas! I wrote all 31 days, effortlessly, and well over the fifteen minutes. This Fling gave me structure, further inroads into fiction, etc. The Free Write Fling was a great enhancement to my writing practice.” — Sandra Henderson