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Ready to struggle less with your creative talents? Find your juju and make life a lot easier...and have a lot more fun.

I coach people who want to do what I have done - craft a life that uses my creative vitality to express myself and my gifts on a daily basis. I've been coaching one-one clients since June 1999, and am a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach. Cynthia Morris coach

I believe creative people are the driving force for a new way of living. Together, we focus on what matters. While connected to our spirit and aligned with our values, we're able to express our gifts and make a difference in the world.

Our coaching calls will help you:

  • foster more creativity in your life so you can express and enjoy your unique vision
  • discover what really enlivens you so you can stop wasting time and focus on what you really care about
  • explore everything you’ve always dreamed of and become the creative dynamo you truly are.

We’ll help you emerge as the kind of person who seeks out creative, zesty additions to her life without even thinking about it – and who gets an impossible amount of joy out of living that way.

My coaching will power your dreams forward faster and with more joy than on your own.

Together we will make your creative dreams real

I coach clients worldwide. My most successful clients work with me for 6-12 months. I offer a discount for clients who sign up for these annual or semi-annual packages. More details:

  • Our sessions take place on the phone or on Skype.
  • We’ll meet twice per month for 60 minutes each.
  • You'll have unlimited email support between calls.

Unique bonuses that make a difference

  • I record our calls for you to listen to later.
  • I send you notes I take from our sessions - complete with color and illustrations!

I offer what few other coaches do - ways to capture the juice of our sessions that exponentially increase the value. Many of my clients listen to our call recordings later and:

  • catch things they missed during the calls.
  • hear their own patterns
  • identify things they'd like to change
  • learn to ask their own powerful questions between calls. 
Session notes increase coaching power

Session notes increase coaching power

My session notes give my clients extra insight and joy. They can focus on the learning in the call instead of taking notes on everything. The illustrated notes I take during our sessions helps the coaching insights really stick.

Most of my clients keep my notes in their coaching notebooks. Some print up the notes and hang them in their office or creative space as reminders of their focus. This also helps them feel their champion in the room cheering them on daily. 

Results my clients have seen

Everyone has a different life and a different agenda for the coaching we do together, but here are some of the results my clients have experienced as a result of our coaching: 

  • One former lawyer launched a new business and got two book deals.
  • An entrepreneur launched an international non-profit, applying her talents to change the world for the better.
  • A corporate employee summoned her courage as an artist, starting building her art business, and made sales immediately.
  • Another corporate employee took a leap into work that allows her to use her talents so she now has time for what really matters to her.

What might your creative leap look like? You may not know the answer to that question now. But with our coaching together, clarity will override fear and soon you'll be living the life that's truly yours to enjoy.

Coaching fees

The coolest thing about my coaching? My clients consistently say they get way more value than they expected. I like to say this is the best money you'll ever spend.

Six months: $3,000, payable at the beginning or six payments of $525 each.

Twelve months: $5,600 or twelve payments of $500 each.

Let’s get started. I’ll get back to you right away to get your life on track – your track!

I'm interested in coaching.

Be like my clients, enjoying life

I adore my clients and delight in helping them achieve their dreams. They've shared their experiences here with us. Their testimonials about our coaching together are long. While I could edit them, I don't want to rob you of the richness of their stories.

Settle in with a cup of tea and start to imagine yourself writing your books, making your art, building your business, and living your dreams!


DaraPBefore I began working with Cynthia I was journaling and blogging but with no real direction for my writing. I knew that I had some measure of talent and that I enjoyed it but I didn’t view myself as a writer. I had no clue as to what I wanted to write. I was a wannabe, or so I thought.

Enter Cynthia. I hired her as my coach for 6 months. I was mainly hoping she would motivate me to write daily and help me build some confidence in my writing abilities. Well, I did get that from my work with Cynthia… and SO much more.

From the beginning, Cynthia treated me like a writer, a real writer! To her it wasn’t even a question: I wrote and therefore I was a writer. Her wisdom runs much deeper and far beyond the conditions of successfully putting pen to paper.

Through our work together I’ve begun seeing the world differently. Everything inspires opportunity for artistic expression. I’ve begun dabbling in other forms of art, like drawing, photography and painting, all thanks to my work with Cynthia. I would never have attempted these things on my own.  She has also connected me with an abundance of amazing tools and resources for my writing. There are so many things I learned from Cynthia about writing, and also about life. 

Now I see myself as a writer and also as an artist. I am now clear on what I want to write about (and draw and paint). I am creating every day. Cynthia helped me understand exactly what my values are and how to express them.

I plan to work with Cynthia again in the future, but even in our 6 short months together she has equipped me with everything I need to build my writer’s life. I learned, I grew and I had a ton of fun.  Cynthia is not only an incredible coach, but also a beautiful, authentic person.  For the entire experience and everything I’ve gained from it, I am eternally grateful."

Dara Poznar, Germany

 I'm interested in coaching.


Forging forward on my goals

AndreaWedellI was looking for a more fulfilling balance between my work as a corporate trainer, executive coach and artist. I was tired of the corporate training. The wear and tear on my body and spirit was eating at my art time and even at the quality of the time I did have for my art. I hired Cynthia to help me use my coaching and teaching skills for a new audience of creatives.

As a result of our work together, I’m forging forward. I'm developing my new business, I am clear about my goals as an artist. I understand my unique coaching and retreat offers. I have strategies in place to keep me focused and working towards my goals. From our work together, I got a big boost in my confidence to accompany me on my new adventures.

I couldn’t have chosen a better coach. Cynthia has such a great understanding of what it is to be a creative person and an artist. She knows our mindset, our pitfalls, our dreams and most importantly our needs and how to cater to them. She also understands and has direct experience with the international angle and that was a definite help for me as a long-term expat living in France.

I recommend working with Cynthia if you want to feel empowered, understood and very creatively stimulated! She is extremely professional, there is support even between calls, and what can I say, it makes a huge difference to know you've got someone like Cynthia (whom I greatly admire) out there really rooting for you!" 

Andrea Wedell, trainer, coach and artist


client-fitzgerald2100Made a powerful career shift

I had numerous reasons for seeking a life coach but a primary focus was a big career change. After 22 years as an advertising executive I sought something more meaningful and less stressful which would allow me time to discover my true passions and my soul's purpose.

The results from coaching were immediate. I left my corporate job and found work that allowed me to use my talents and have time for what is important to me. I gained a clear idea of my values and an innate trust in my path that made the career shift seamless.

I am more present in each moment, which makes my entire life more balanced and full of joy. Coaching with Cynthia has been a gift that I will have with me always.

Jamie Fitzgerald, DCF Concerts, Oklahoma City, OK

 I'm interested in coaching.


Parker_ 046a-reportLaunched a new business and got two book deals

I came to Cynthia for coaching because I felt S-T-U-C-K. I was miserable practicing law but I couldn't see my way out. Working with Cynthia was like opening a door that had been locked with chains and bars for several years. We let in all this fresh air and sunshine and suddenly there were possibilities that seemed exciting and real.

I recommend working with Cynthia because she works with you wherever you are. On those days when you're riding your bike, the wind is blowing in your hair, and you're coasting toward your grand vision, she's on a bike next to you taking in the sights and cheering you on.

When you've fallen off the bike and you're wondering whose dumb idea this change was, she's right there with the antiseptic and bandages, helping you get past the tears and see the glorious vista that's still right in front of you. With Cynthia's help, I left the practice of law, started my own venture, and now have two book deals. Who can't use a partner like that?!

Monica R. Parker, founder,, and author of Getting Hit by a Bus Isn't the Answer: A Road Map for Finding Meaningful Work Outside of the Law, Atlanta, GA

I'm interested in coaching.


Living the creative adventure

I want to give you a great big thank you! Two years ago I contacted you after following you on the internet for several years. I was in a job that I had come to hate and living in a house that overwhelmed me. I was not living my dreams.

Now, after our work together, I had such a fabulous year! I kept on track with the painting. I sold 3 commissions, 1 print and 1 original that was hanging in a restuarant. I was invited to be a featured artist at a great wine/art tasting event where at least 100 people showed up and I've got an Art Walk event coming up.Diana and I did our European trip to London, Amerstdam and Bruge. I went to Tahoe with my sisters and came face to face with a bear. My niece's wedding in San Miquel, Mexico was unbelievable. This year we are doing S. Germany, Austria and Switzerland and my sisters and I are going to Portland.

The work we did together was indispensable.  I still revert back to my notes and watching you still remains a great inspiration. Even after I sold my house I was reluctant to let go of the job - but you were a great support and as you predicted - one of 2 or 3 of the best things I've ever done in my life!

I am excited and wanted you to know what you had collaberated on.  When I first ran across your web site all those years ago sitting at my office desk - I longed for a life similar to yours where I could write, travel and do some kind of art. And now, here I am doing it! - Sherrie Phillips

I'm interested in coaching.


ELIZABETH_A._HUESING200Got a road map to my juicy life

Over ten years ago, I hired Cynthia as a career coach to help me navigate what I felt were the complexities of my life at the time; I was a single mom working at dead end high-tech jobs just to pay the bills, yet feeling that I had a richer life to live and story to tell.

From our work together, I was able to make a list of my top ten values and pinpoint exactly how much time I was devoting to each. The results showed me that I was not spending time on the things that were most important to me. What a breakthrough! I have stayed in touch with Cynthia over the years, and she has always been my muse asking the questions that I am afraid to ask of myself like, “How would it feel to actually be living the life you dream of?"

So what is my life like now? Well, my daughters are now grown and off on their own adventures, and I live and work in Chennai, South India as a director of training at a software company. I am writing a book about being an American woman navigating the high-tech world in India.

The gifts I received from Cynthia were to believe in myself, stay true to my values, and to begin to see myself as a writer and everything around me as a story waiting to be told.

I recommend coaching with Cynthia for anyone who has ever felt that they might have a bigger life, juicier life hiding just around the corner yet need a roadmap of how to get there.

Beth Huesing


 I'm interested in coaching.


Annie-200A book inside me trying to get out

I didn't know how to make the book happen on my own. Cynthia has a way of seeing into the heart of an author and gently opening a crack so that the ideas and feelings can leap out into the sun. She gently coaxes but advocates with passion.

Cynthia believes in my work when I forget why I'm writing. She offers a structure for writing that helps me create something tangible. Using her as an editor during the process helped clarity that I was headed in the right direction with my writing. Her voice is an invitation to write and I find myself following it with curiosity and joy.

Annie Ory, Dating & Relationship Coach, Yoga Instructor, Los Angeles, CA



I have learned how to find and express my juju.

Karen Rutherford was a client who made good use of her coaching to create a community site for single mothers. Here's her remarkable story.

Helped me clarify my values
I'm a busy executive who wants results and demands value. I know many fine coaches, but I chose to work with Cynthia Morris because she is a natural coach, and because she readily accepted my most difficult challenge: to learn to coach myself so my evolution might continue past our time together.
Through her unique approach to values coaching, I quickly came to a deeper understanding of myself that gave me the confidence to make important decisions.
Almost without exception, the path she helped me find ran downhill, so the results came much quicker than I had expected. In short order I created a new role for myself at a company I started but was ready to leave. I also started another business and am making rapid progress toward other long-term goals.
Hire Cynthia if you're committed to making lasting change in your life and want a coach who won't tolerate you failing yourself.
Tom Bergamini, Madison, Wisconsin



c_pelmasLaunched an international non-profit

I had a book idea pursuing me that was so large in scope it was intimidating simply to speak about. I thought I would work with Cynthia, write the book and that would be that. Instead, as she guided me through the initial steps of formulating my ideas, as she sat with me and supported me, a thing even bigger than a book emerged.

It turned out there was an international non-profit organization in there, swirling around with the book! The project got launched, is beautifully (miraculously) off and running and now the book is (virtually) writing itself, with the help of the voices of women from all over the world.

Cynthia is different than other coaches. I’ve worked with coaches before and I’ve never found them to be ‘inspiring’. I never much cared for the endless list making and infantilizing ‘how many calls did you make today?’ sort of approach that seems to be a part of the average-coach tool kit. Cynthia is a ‘fierce’ coach.

There were days when it felt as if she was more unconditionally on board with my vision than I was, and her passion was so genuine it was contagious. She is truly a woman who believes that everyone has a particular passion, a particular voice, a particular style.

I absolutely recommend Cynthia’s coaching. Once she has guided you to identify your mission she is doggedly faithful to that part of you, even if you can’t remember your first name on some days. She’s right there holding you accountable to everything that’s inside you waiting to come out.

CC Pelmas, LCSW, Founder, Global Culture of Women Project, Boulder, Colorado


I'm interested in coaching




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