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Since 1994, I've been studying and writing about the creative process.

In a real-life laboratory of writing and art making, my clients and I have lived the processes that science is now explaining. This work that has shown me how similar we all are despite our differences.

I've used my coaching skills to help clients move past inner and outer obstacles, and I've used my writing skills to share this with readers.

Since February 2001, I've published my bi-weekly newsletter for subscribers, Impulses. I also published a weekly newsletter for writers called the Muse, for several years. In May 2006, I began blogging at Original Impulse. There I have publicly shared the ins and outs of the creative process with the hopes of helping other writers and creatives make art more easily.


Create Your Writer's Life: A Guide to Writing with Joy and Ease, was my first book. In this how-to writing guide, I share my coaching insights and practices to help writers enjoy their writing on their own terms.

Chasing Sylvia Beach is the novel I worked on for 12 years. I was committed to sharing the story of American bookseller in Paris, Sylvia Beach. This time travel novel allows readers to dip into Paris's past. Readers have been enjoying this bookish mystery that keeps them up reading late into the night. I blog about the book here.


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My e-books

Unleash Your Writing: A Toolkit for Getting Your Words Out

Cross the Finish Line: Five Steps to Leap Over the Hurdles to Completion

These e-books are not currently available in this form.

Creative Travel - go beyond ordinary tourist

Go for It! Leading Tours for Fun and Profit

The Graceful Return: Relish Your Journey After You Come Home

The Creative Toolkit for Travelers (no longer available in this form)

Journey Juju blog - my year living my dream as a creative nomad in Europe (2008 - 2009)

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