Capture the Wow Game

Urban creativity game with Cynthia Morris for teams and small groups

Paris Cynthia Morris creativity workshop

Paris offers plenty of inspiration but your city is full of wow, too.

When is the last time you stepped out of the norm and played?

With the world rushing so quickly around us, and so much information vying for our attention, the creative professional has to consistently carve out time and space to play. To generate his own unique ideas. To open up to random and powerful new associations.

With our faces glued to a screen, it’s easy to miss the wow - the wonders of the world - and become overwhelmed, harried or worse - bored and creatively uninspired.

And without acute attention on what matters and the ability to keep a fresh and engaged perspective, the creative professional can lose his innovative edge all too easily.

Capture the Wow is a one- or half-day creativity training game designed to help writers, designers, artists and other creative people:

  • learn how to focus on the right things
  • capture the creative inspiration as it strikes
  • use that inspiration to nurture and develop groundbreaking and innovative ideas.
Cynthia Morris trainer coach creativity artist author Moleskine

Capture the Wow tools

This unique workshop game uses the urban environment as both inspiration and classroom. We start inside to introduce our mission and to receive our wow materials, then head out into the city together to capture the wow.

Facilitated by creativity coach, trainer and artist Cynthia Morris, players spend the day using easy-to-implement strategies to capture the wonders of the world. Players will see their formerly mundane surroundings with new eyes. This is the kind of creative rejuvenation we feel when we travel; Cynthia shows participants how to tap into the wonders of the world anywhere, anytime.

In this innovative adventure game, Cynthia will share up to twenty-four creative tools that she and her students have used consistently to keep their creative skills sharp. At the end of the day, participants will have filled a notebook with their own impressions and will have tools and perspectives that will continue to feed their creative curiosity so they're never stumped for ideas.

About the trainer

Cynthia Morris artist trainer speaker coach

Cynthia sketching in Rome

Cynthia has been keeping a journal since 1994, and illustrating them since 2004. Cynthia has captured daily life and her own adventures as a creative nomad in Europe in the magical Moleskine Japanese album. Her art keeps her creative edge sharp and wow audiences around the world.

Cynthia has written two e-books on how anyone can use art to enjoy life and travel more: The Creative Toolkit for Travelers and The Graceful Return. She has written a guide to designing and leading tours called Leading Tours for Fun and Profit.

Cynthia has been leading creativity and writing workshops in Europe and the US since 1996 and runs her private coaching practice from Denver, Colorado. Her training and group facilitation help people of all professions be consistently inspired and execute on that inspiration.

Contact Cynthia to organize a Capture the Wow game for your team.

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