Juju Infusion: Chasing Sylvia Beach Juju

In which I share the juju of my last revision of my novel, Chasing Sylvia Beach.

Here’s what happened: I declared that this, the 15th, would be the last revision, no matter what. I have been writing this book for eleven years and I am ready to move on to other projects.

My declaration was heard by my goddess guides, who sent me this juju. Play the video to hear the story.

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  • I want to go on a writing retreat! Do you think Rob would notice if I were gone on Christmas?

    It sounds wonderful, but I know you’re working your ass off. The juju goddesses are smiling on you.

    • I think he’d notice!

      It is wonderful, and it is serious creative crunch for me. Like when your yoga or pilates teacher makes you do abs work? It’s like that. Which is why I need frequent pampering in Paris and California.

      I need all the support I can get, so thanks for yours!

  • I know you can do it, Cynthia! I am cheering you on from Wisconsin… and cannot wait to read this book!

  • Page 58 of the last revision!!!! That is huge. I know it’s got to be one of the hardest things ever, but how lovely it must feel when you think about how far you’ve come.

    I love thinking about you spending the holidays in CA with CSB. I just love it. You have no idea. I think it’s the best Christmas plan I’ve ever heard. Ever. Spending this time of year with something you love so much – it’s just so spiritual and meant to be.

    Now, get it gurl. Page 59 awaits….

    You’re my idol now. Before, I dug ya, of course, but now? It’s over. Stalking begins March 15th after the March 14th deadline. Just so’s ya know. :)

    • Thank you! I know 58 pages is both huge and small. This project has definitely kicked my butt for over a decade. I’ll be glad to finish writing it, get a book deal and start spreading the word about it and sharing the story!

      I like my Christmas plan if only because the vibe will be ultra mellow, I’ll be in a strange town, and I can hunker down with a pumpkin pie and my book.

      Stalking! Does that mean you’re going to come get me if I don’t complete? That’s a great idea – serious accountability from the tribe. I usually miss my deadlines.

  • kerstin dahlen

    You look really passionate! I believe in you. You look also deadly serious. So inspiring to see and hear. I am waiting!

  • Cynthia, your energy is contagious!!! It all sounds sooo exciting!!! I guess this is the guy you had told me about when I saw you in Philly…?
    Wow! I know that you can definitely do it by March…You have your goddess guides constantly sending you more Juju. You deserve it!!! xo

  • go Cynthia, go Cynthia! Have some fun in California, too. I’m looking forward to reading your book I’ve been hearing about for so long.

  • Scarlett

    Cynthia, I fondly recall hearing about your new Paris friend over wine that lovely summer evening. I’m so very pleased that he continues to drive you and support you. What a wonderful example of well-deserved and divine right timing.

    Here’s to Silvia Beach in all her splend-essence!

    • Thanks, Scarlett! He continues to kick my butt, is what he does. He’s very sweet and when it comes to the writing, very thorough and tenacious. Frankly, he’s bringing all the characteristics to the project that I needed! What crazy juju!

      Great to have your support. Hope you’re warm and well!

  • Fabulous Fabulous! I love how the universe brought you exactly what you needed for your project.

    Your writing retreat will be fabulous. You can do this!

    • Thanks, Lisa! I’m excited about my retreat. I’m planning the goodies I’ll have on hand. I’m scouting out local hikes and am looking forward to a couple of trips to San Francisco, too!

      Your words, ‘You can do this’ help a lot. Thank you!

  • I can’t tell you how great it is to hear that positivity and determination in your vid post here, Cynthia. I remember a post from earlier this year about CSB that was so much different, yet one I too could identify with. I hope you know how inspiring this is to others like me who are struggling along with our works. I have faith in this book and I have faith in you. Enjoy your retreat, and enjoy the Muir woods.

    • Oh, Michael, that’s so great to hear. Often I think, here you are talking about you, Cynthia. I’m happy to know that my hope that my creative process would fuel yours is coming true.

      It’s not always easy, which is why we need to support each other. I am glad to have you at my back! When I come to your area for the book tour I will expect a celebratory ride on your bike!

  • Jody Berman

    Loved hearing your update! As one of your biggest fans, I’m cheering you on . . . all the way to the very last page. The world needs this book. Go, Cynthia!!

  • Cynthia, I MUST read your novel – my expectations grow with each post and I’m enthralled with your video documentations. I wouldn’t even check in for my facebook page if it weren’t for hoping for a post from you! Best of all, you haven’t given out “the story”, YET! So glad to see the range of supporters you have nurtured, who wish you what you need and desire. I honor your juju goddess!

    • Thanks so much, Cy! Your encouragement and enthusiasm for my novel make it easier to do the hard work. Knowing you and others are eager for the story are infectious!

      Here’s to the juju spreading to you, too!

  • Margaret Tiveron


    I SO admire your tenacity with Chasing Sylvia Beach. I would have thrown the manuscript in the Seine long ago!

    I love that you listened to your intuition and that led you back to Paris….looking forward to hearing soon the good news that you’ve found a publisher.

    Hugs, Margaret

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