Friday Art: Blending Art Forms with Helen Davey

Cynthia Morris Paris painting

One of my online artist friends, Helen Davey, is doing a really cool project this year. A musician and poet, Helen, an Australian living in Switzerland, creates sound paintings based on works of art.

Helen reached out to me to be part of 52 Sound Paintings. Actually, she created a sound painting for The Beauty [Read more...]

Friday Art: Art School Curriculum

I’m in a weird place with my art making. I know I want to advance, but I don’t even know where I’m going. I’m okay with that, but I also am impatient to feel the kind of progress I crave. How to feel focused and challenged?

When I find myself floundering, or frustrated, or wanting [Read more...]

When you forget why you’re creating

Ever since I moved to Denver in 1991 people have been counseling me to meditate. I scoffed, saying that I can’t sit still. I was in my 20s then and that was true. Sit still? HA!

Then I came across Frederick Franck’s work, specifically Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing. This hand-written, illustrated book introduced me [Read more...]

Product Review: Designed to Sell

When Designed to Sell by Jen and Omar Noory came onto the scene, I got very excited. Here is a guide devoted to pairing two things I love: business and art making.

The idea that we can make art that is designed to sell is both appealing and not appealing. What about making art [Read more...]

Creative Person’s Hierarchy of Needs

Cynthia Morris Creative Person's Hierarchy of Needs

Our satisfaction and our success hinges on having enough of these needs met so we can do our best creative work. [Read more...]

Friday Art: my life purpose, joy released and some dancing

It took a long time but I finally figured out my life purpose. If you haven’t heard it yet, here it is:

My mission is to love what I love, share that love, and inspire others to love what they love.

Simple! Love really is all there is.

So for YEARS I’ve wanted to make [Read more...]

Get back into the flow with your creative work


You’re in the groove with your writing or art project. Then, the holidays or some other change disrupts your flow. You and your beloved project grow distant, and the space between you molders in your heart. How to get back in the groove?

Any change in our routine — holidays, vacations, visits from loved ones [Read more...]

Friday Art: 30 paintings in 30 days

Cynthia Morris watercolor Paris

I don’t know why I decided to paint 30 paintings in 30 days, due by March 13th. I just did, and I didn’t even announce it publicly.

I’m writing this a few days ahead of time; I’ll be traveling on the due date and am prepping beforehand. My scanning system broke down (had to uninstall, [Read more...]

Our stories define us and connect us

These days. we’re encouraged to ‘tell our story’. The story of how we started. The story of how we got to where we are. The story of our business and who we’re here to serve.

By sharing these stories publicly, we’re able to connect to others. But telling our stories isn’t just a good idea [Read more...]

Friday Art: Flower Shrine Photo Essay

It’s a rainy Friday in Denver, a rare and beautiful thing. I’m supposed to be recording the lessons for Write Your Paris Stories, but Friday Art hadn’t been posted yet.

I went to Creative Mornings Denver and afterward, braved the incredible clusterfuck that is Trader Joe’s parking. Why? Why! For the cheap eats? No. For [Read more...]