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If you’re reading this, it’s likely that a powerful, essential part of you is hidden and unhappy. That's your creative genius, the wonderful you that wants to write, that loves to play, that adores making art. This is the part of you that helps make life feel really, really good. 

But this 'non-practical' you has been put in the basement with the other 'non-essentials' and is getting really upset about being ignored.

Brené Brown said 'Unexpressed creativity is not benign.' I believe that 100%, and that's why I have dedicated my life to helping creative people enjoy, express and share their original impulse.

Maybe you want to write a book so that your work reaches a wider audience. Or perhaps you want to explore an art form, just for the fun of it.

I know the feeling. I call it our original impulse, and it's the part of us that must create. That must write, that must explore and feel the true joy that comes from making things.

It's time to liberate your creative genius. I've freed up my inner artist, and life is so much better. You, too, can express your gifts, connect with your creative tribe, and enjoy life as a creative adventure. I'm here to show you how.

You've probably got a lot of talents that are kept under wraps. Until now, it may have been okay to postpone writing your book. Or to put your creative desires in a box.

But now, you finally feel ready to commit to writing your book or explore your creativity. Perhaps you're frustrated with having so many interests and ideas and no clue how to get them out of your head. I'm so glad you found me.

Medium-agnostic creative dynamo at your service

I'm a rare breed of creative person who has figured out how to accept and express my gifts. I'm an author, illustrator and performer. And like you, there was a time when I felt more burdened by my talents than enlivened by them.

Luckily, my coaching training came in handy. Using my coaching skills, I learned how to systematically make one idea after another a reality. And let me tell you, it feels really good to live life on my own terms, focusing on projects I care about and helping people I love.

Cynthia Morris watercolor artist, illustrator, coach, authorI learned how to schedule appointments - and keep them - and to consistently chip away at my books and art projects. Most importantly, I learned how to make the process my own so I enjoyed it all along the way.

I have used my coaching skills to complete my Paris historical novel Chasing Sylvia Beach. I have written extensively about the creative process in my books Create Your Writer’s Life and Cross the Finish Line. Because I believe in the transformative power of creativity and travel, I have authored three books about creative travel including The Graceful Return.

I love being a writer, and about ten years ago, I let my inner artist out of the dungeon and she came on board with joyful enthusiasm. I've filled nearly 50 Moleskine notebooks with drawings and stories. I'm now a sought-after illustrator and artist.

Bringing visual art to my writing life has made me feel more well-rounded, more happy and more me. If it weren't for my coaching training, I wouldn't have a clue how to manage it all.

You, too can be a creative dynamo. I like to say genius because when you align yourself to your original, creative impulses, you feel so...smart.

Ready to liberate your creative genius so you can write your books, design a creative practice and enjoy yourself? Get an ally who deeply understands the creative process and who knows how to help you do it your way, with your special mark.

Through my company, Original Impulse, I’ve been coaching writers and artists for over 16 years. I'm one of the few coaches on Jonathan Fields' Good Life Project faculty, an intensive program for visionaries, entrepreneurs and artists.

I’ve developed a finely-tuned sense of how to help each person bring her great ideas into form. To read more about the choices I've made to make my life a creative adventure, read my Adventure Resume below.



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My Adventure Resumé

You know this: we're more than what we do for a living. We're parents and friends, tennis players and committee members. We're also shaped by the risks we've taken and the adventures we've lived.

To help them claim the originality of their path and feel empowered by their choices, I often ask my clients to draft their Adventure Resumé.

An Adventure Resumé isn’t a boring CV trying to prove something to others. Instead, it’s the sum of your creative choices, revealing a map of your life’s daring adventures.

Drafting your Adventure Resumé can be revealing and surprising. It's almost always empowering and definitely is fun. I share mine below, as a model for yours and also so you can get to know me aside from my role as book coach. Write your own to appreciate and succeed at the best job you've ever had: being you. Download instructions here.


Cynthia Morris

Author, Book Coach, Artist, and Founder of Original Impulse Inc.

To enjoy life as a creative adventure
and to help writers, artists and entrepreneurs
enjoy their creative talents to the fullest.

2014 More coaching and training for GLP, continue to make art, take 5-week semi-sabbatical in Europe, speak at Camp GLP and Creative Mornings Denver
2013 Devote myself to making art; become coach for Jonathan Fields' Good Life Project; launch Capture the Wow
2012 Publish my Paris historical novel, Chasing Sylvia Beach;  Join the year-long life and business intensive, Good Life Project
2011 Shed my home in Denver; live in Europe for three months
2010 Launch Juju Infusion, my web TV show that runs weekly for six months
2009 Return to Denver; publish The Graceful Return
2008 Shed my life in Boulder, launch the blog Journey Juju; move to Lisbon, fall in love with a young Portuguese rock climber; leave Portugal, travel in Europe for 7 months as a creative nomad
2007 Publish Go for It: Leading Tours for Fun and Profit
2006 Publish Creative Toolkit for Travelers
2005 Launch my first creativity workshops in Provence and Paris, France
2004 Embark on year-long leadership training with CTI
2003 Publish my first book, Create Your Writer's Life: A Guide to Writing with Joy and Ease
2002 Take and pass coaching certification exam to become a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
2001 Publish first issue of my newsletter Impulses: A Guide to Life as a Creative Adventure
2000 Move to Boulder where I birth Original Impulse
2000 Fly to Switzerland and France for a stint as a hot air balloon chef; commit to return to France annually
1999 Embark on a coaching career with study at the Coaches Training Institute

My everyday adventures that fuel my creativity: 

  • going to the library to discover
  • reading and sharing books
  • writing something for readers or myself
  • coaching amazing people around the world
  • making watercolor illustrations
  • biking around town on my blue Nishiki bike
  • yoga - on the mat since February 22nd, 1996
  • cooking and eating fresh vegetarian meals
  • laughing and loving life with friends
1997 Perform monologues onstage; Spend six weeks as seasonal staff at Omega Institute and four weeks as student at Naropa's Writing Program
1996 Begin teaching writing; discover Paris bookseller Sylvia Beach
1995 Three-week train trip around the US includes week in Oregon studying with master writer Grace Paley; Take up drawing as meditation inspired by Frederick Franck
1995 Experience The Artist's Way and explore many art forms: calligraphy, dance, acting, drawing, painting...
1994 Take a writing class that launches my writing life; write for five years with no expectations inspired by Natalie Goldberg; Drive solo from Denver to Miami and back
1993 Begin teaching vegetarian cooking classes, convert thousands to tofu
1992 Endure one miserable semester of graduate school in New York; Boomerang back to Denver; get job at Capitol Hill Books, my own grad school of life
1991 Return to US and move to Denver; get a job at a health food store
1990 Graduate university with highly useful French/West European Studies degree; Decamp to Edinburgh, Scotland to work in health food store and take up Scottish accent
1988 Pass a student year in France and a summer as an illegal dishwasher in the south of France
1985 Jet to France for first time instead of attending high school graduation


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