Welcome to Original Impulse, the writing salon for visionaries who have a book inside, wanting to come out.

I’m Cynthia Morris, your ally in writing the books, essays, and stories that you must get out of your head and onto paper now.

Since 1999, I’ve helped hundreds of writers worldwide find their voice, claim their writing rhythm, finish and publish their books, and gain their creative confidence through my workshops and one-one coaching.

I bet you are tired of writing advice that doesn’t match your lifestyle and needs. I hear you! In my 15 years of experience working with writers, I know that one-size-fits-all advice rarely works.

As a certified coach and author, I bring a customized approach to helping you get your words out of your head and onto paper. Because your original voice must be heard, and it’s going to emerge in an original way.

So, let’s get started.


I’d Love to Be Your Ally

I love to collaborate with creative people to bring great ideas into form. Here are three ways I collaborate with individuals and organizations in the United States and abroad:


We believe: if you have the impulse to write, you must follow it.


Why must we write? Why devote our precious time to getting our words out on the page?

In this simple manifesto, I’ve gathered what  members of the Original Impulse community said over the years about why our writing matters.

Click here to download your free copy of the Original Impulse Writers Manifesto.

It’s my gift to you!

Print it, hang it in your writing studio, and always remember why you must write.

And share this manifesto with your friends you know who must write. They will thank you.

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