Welcome to Original Impulse, where creative people come to shine. Cynthia Morris Writual Blessing illustration coaching creatives

I’m Cynthia Morris, your ally in all things creative: book writing, art making and business building.

I help creative people worldwide find their voice, claim their creative rhythm, and gain confidence through my workshops and one-one coaching.

I bet you are tired of advice that doesn’t match your lifestyle and needs. I hear you! In my 16 years of experience working with creative dynamos, I know that one-size-fits-all advice rarely works.

As a certified coach, author, and artist, I bring a customized approach to helping you get your ideas out of your head and into the world. Because your original impulse must be expressed, and it’s going to emerge in an original way.

So, let’s get started.


I’d Love to Be Your Ally

I love to collaborate with creative people to bring great ideas into form. Here are three ways I collaborate with individuals and organizations in the United States and abroad:

Coaching for WritersCreatives2 Workshops Speaking & Training


Cynthia Morris illustration watercolor Writual Blessings

 Writual Blessings make writing easier

It’s not easy to write, make art, or build a business. At Original Impulse, we recognize and honor the deep work that goes into bringing ideas out of our head and into the world.

I created an illustrated affirmation deck for writers and artists called Writual Blessings. These colorful permission slips are like having a coach at your side when you are ready to dip into your writing zone.

Make writing easier. Make writing sacred. Make writing Writual.

Get your Writual Blessings deck here.


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