Welcome to Original Impulse

Welcome to Original Impulse, where creative people come to shine.

Cynthia-new-wall1I’m Cynthia Morris, your ally in all things creative: book writing, art making and business building. I help creative people worldwide find their voice, enjoy their talents and gain confidence through my workshops and one-one coaching.  It should be a fun adventure to get your ideas out of your head and into the world.   So, let's get started.

I'd love to be your creative ally.

As a certified coach of 16 years and an artist and author myself, I partner with creative people to bring great ideas into form. Here are three ways I collaborate with individuals and organizations in the United States and abroad:

New & Exciting!

There's always something new and exciting happening at Original Impulse - all for the sake of liberating your creative genius. Classes, excursions to Paris, Blessings cards...check it out here:

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